New Service Installs

Get your old service up to code or replace / upgrade to a  more  efficient electric service. Loose connections cause flickering of lights and power loss to your appliances and outlets and drive your power bill up due to those loose connections.

Old / New Wiring

Replace old wiring with new up to date wiring.Older homes are often at greater risk for electrical damages and fire, which is why we recommend updating old electric wires and devices.


Get old light fixtures changed or add some new lights to enhance your living or business quarters. Changing old fixtures could eliminate possible fire threats , also installing low power consumption light bulbs will help to eliminate unwanted threats.

Old Plugs / Switches

In time plugs become worn out meaning the internal prongs inside your plugs become loose. This causes them to heat up , also could cause unwanted threats.

Switches play a huge part in turning electricity on and off, when they start causing lights to flicker or become noisy its time to have them looked at or changed.








Kitchen Upgrades

If you are having a new kitchen installed or updating your old one.This is the time to add some new circuits, maybe add some under cabinet lights, some GFI outlets or even have some new lighting installed or update existing.

Bathroom / Powder Room

Most bathrooms / powder rooms are not satisfactory to the home owner or business owners. Adding some GFI outlets and some new lighting is never a bad idea.

New Addition / Garage / Shed

If your having a new addition added on, building a garage or even need some electric down at the shed give us a call no job is to small.

Decks / Gazebos / Patios

Tired of having to string out an extension cord every time you want to have some light or need an outlet. Extension cords are dangerous and most of the time not long enough for your electric needs.

Led Lights

Upgrade the light's in your home, work, office or even in the garage to led, they are cost efficient and last a lot longer than a incandescent bulb. You can also have your existing light fixtures, such as 4 foot shop/strip lights and 8 foot shop/strip lights converted to led. Imagine turning the lights on and not having to wait till its warm enough in order for your lights to be at full brightness, these lights work great in the cold.

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